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​​Welcome to the Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine.

The Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine grew from a merger of the SCAR Expert Group in Human Biology and Medicine and the COMNAP Medical Network (Medinet). It’s objectives and operational guidelines are consistent with the aims and strategies of both COMNAP and SCAR. ​


JEGHBM consists of experts with healthcare experience in remote and austere environments. The group consists of medical doctors, psychologists, human physiologists and biologists who are actively engaged in medical care and medical /biomedical research in the Antarctic, Arctic, Space Medicine and other extreme and austere environments.

The SCAR COMNAP 2020 Local Organising Committee, in consultation with the SCAR and COMNAP  Executive Committees have decided to cancel SCAR COMNAP 2020 in light of the global Coronavirus situation. The Committee has given due consideration to local Tasmanian and Australian health advice as well as the global response to the pandemic.

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The Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine is dedicated to understanding the factors that impact health and wellness and on improving the delivery of healthcare to those experiencing the challenges and isolation of the Arctic, Antarctic and space environments. 

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Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine