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Minutes of the JEGHBM Committee meeting Thursday 21st January 2021

Agenda  for meeting 21:00 UTC, 21st January 2021


Dr Anne Hicks, Matt Warner, Dr Giichiro Ohno, Dr Mark Shepanek, Dr Natalie Pattyn, Dr Jim McKeith, Mike Dinn

  • Review Minutes SCAR Open Science meeting 2020

  • Review constitution

  • Proposal for COMNAP meeting Toyama, Japan – diving – COVID, proposals for content

  • Marc Shepanek paper

  • AOB


Review Minutes SCAR Open Science meeting 2020

COVID meeting minutes 8th July.

Action: Minutes accepted send to Jim McKeith for inclusion in members area under COVID discussions.

SCAR OSC minutes

Action: to be circulated to group for sign off and upload to members area as minutes for meeting

Review constitution

Anne Hicks presented version of the constitution developed in 2014 and proposed the following for approval

  • Change of group name to reflect it’s purpose as an advisory expert group.

  • Provision to ensure minutes are recorded and presented for each meeting. To be recorded to web site MedicalAtarctica.

  • Add a conflict of interest clause to be added to ensure that there are no competing interests around the meeting and actions of our Expert Group

Ethically, in advisory capacity or financially.

  • For consideration the addition to the Committee makeup of an administrator role, knowing that he former support to the JEGHBM Committee had administrative support from PM since inception. An alternative approach to retaining admin support was that new chair brought their own admin support. TBC.

  • Formally acknowledge the web site within the constitution.

  • Formally acknowledge a Deputy Chairperson.

  • Consider whether the group should be representative of Polar regions and analogue areas an affiliated specialities eg diving medicine? Discuss with COMNAP.

  • Removal of constitution item 16.

  • Amend article 17 to a minimum one meeting per year.


Addition to agenda items, Committee Membership

The Committee Chair and Secretary need replacement.

It was proposed that at the Toyama meeting in July that these posts are elected.

Action: Send forward a letter of proposal to membership about election of officials

Anne is prepared to stay in post if nobody else wants to take the Chair position.

Proposal for COMNAP meeting Toyama, Japan – diving – COVID, proposals for content

The Japanese local committee is proceeding with plans for the July meeting, however COVID means there are uncertainties as to whether the meeting will proceed as planned.

Action: JEGHBM to approach COMNAP to discuss format and content


  • COVID – 19 lessons learnt

  • Diving symposium

  • We will have a business meeting at the same time.


2022 India SCAR meeting. Anne has offered to act as convener currently  with a proposal to follow the same program as was abandoned for Hobart.

Proposed Natalie and Marc act as conveners Space analogue and COVID -19 review

Membership JEGHBM:

Action: Need to send out invitation to nominate associates

Messaging through COMNAP to elicit further National Program delegates.

We need to vitalise participation. SCAR OSC indicated there is interest in medical matters from a  range of groups.

We need to identify the needs of the National Programs and address urgent questions and research needs.

Budget always helps, if there scope to get some funding from COMNAP for things like sponsoring a specific theme to address each year.

Marc Shepanek /vaccination paper

Marc has written a one page paper as a starting point for JEGHBM to produce an advisory paper on vaccination. It is going to be one of the challenges round deployments next season and will have some impact on what programs can manage.

Target should be to produce an advisory paper to the programs.

Will vaccination become mandatory?


Working on issue


Post minutes of July 8th JEGHBM COVID meeting to MedicalAntarctica web site

Medi to send on to Jim McKeith

Before next meeting

Circulate minutes of September JEGHBM membership  meeting during time of SCAR OSC

Medi to circulate to Committee


Post amended constitution to web site

Anne Hicks send to Jim McKeith

End of Jan 2021

Determine full extent of role with COMNAP  / SCAR

Anne Hicks

End of Jan 2021

Send forward invitation for election of Committee to JEGHBM members. To be replaced, Secretary & Chair/deputy Chair?

JEGHBM Committee

Before next meeting

Discussion with COMNAP regards format and content of JEGHBM meeting in Toyama

Anne Hicks to discuss with Michelle Rogan Finnemore

End of Jan 2021

Send out invitation to nominate associates for future participation COMNAP & SCAR

Medi to discuss with Anne Hicks and action

Before next meeting

Develop vaccination paper.

Taken to mid-season COVID meeting some writers already self nominated, general invitation to participate made.

Paper t be completed before summer season end

End of March 2021

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