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SCAR meeting

The SCAR meeting scheduled for August 2020 was cancelled due to travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. This page contains links to talks and JEGHBM items of interest.

Evaluating Effectiveness of Monitoring of Oxygen saturation at High Altitude in Antarctica-Shinji Otani et al

Brazillian individuals traveling to Antarctica on board a ship present changes in the thyroid hormones concentration, body fat and mood state

The incidence of Injury in British Antarctic Personnel between 2007 and 2016

Space analogue study in Antarctica-Impacts of unique photoperiod on sleep of wintering over expeditions at Shongshan Station

Sleep pattern and mood state during a 50-day summer camp in Antarctica

Alteration of gut microbiota and its correlation with physical and psychological changes of Antarctic expeditioners under hypoxia and cold environment

Small Title

Body Composition and Circumferences can be automatically and accurately measured using 3D optical scans

Thermal Insulating Clothing Promotes Increased Forehead Sweat Efficiency During an Antarctic Expedition

Effects of Sprint Interval Training on Physical Performance and Anthropometric, physiological and Cognitive Parameters in Military Personnel During an Antarctic Naval Expedition

Sleep pattern during the stay at the Brazilian Antarctic Station

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